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The bar of the Turquoise Room at the Riviera Supper Club where Frisky Funk takes place in San Diego, California.
About the Show

Frisky Funk is a completely improvised dinner show. Corvette Music will be spinning vinyl and setting the mood, and performers will dance to whatever songs the DJs choose for their set. Songs will range from 4-5 minutes each, and will stay true to the funk, soul, and 70's R&B genre. Each performer will execute 2 acts per show. Tips for the show are pooled and split evenly between the dancers, kitten, and DJs. 

Frisky Funk
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San Diego burlesque producers, Whiskey and Fuego, Ginger N. Whiskey and Feisty Fuego respectively,  standing by a jukebox in gold shimmering gowns at the Riviera Supper Club in La Mesa, CA.
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We strive to curate line ups that promote diversity and equity. Please note that your submission does not guarantee an automatic and immediate performance slot. Adding your information to our performer database allows us to have a rich selection of performers to pull from while creating each month's line up. We try to have a balance of veteran and newer performers and take consideration entertainment value,  performer track history of show promotion, act and performer are a good fit for the show, and  are easy and trusting to work with. 

Frisky Funk
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