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Ginger N. Whiskey & Feisty Fuego are...
Whiskey and Fuego logo in a script font promoting burlesque in San Diego.
Ginger N. Whiskey and Feisty Fuego sit on top the bar at the Turquoise Room in the Riviera

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Feisty Fuego and Ginger N Whiskey are captured through a mirror with artistic panels hiding their complete figures.

Nice to Meet You

We are Ginger N. Whiskey and Feisty Fuego.

Whiskey & Fuego is the collaboration effort of producers, Ginger N. Whiskey and Feisty Fuego. For years they produced various shows and events that captivated audiences throughout San Diego. Specializing in unique, interactive, and glamorous affairs, their shows became a staple in southern California. Having traveled far and wide, performing in cities like London, Toronto, New York, and Denver, they continue to hone and improve their crafts while learning from the best in the industry. Taking everything they have learned, they cultivate each show with an array of talents ranging from burlesque to live music.

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